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Obedience Training

Puppy Classes

Behavior Modification

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​​Problem Solving

Are you having a specific problem with your dog?  Leash Pulling, Digging, or Excessive Barking?  I can help you get to the root of the problem and find a solution that works!

Obedience Training

Learn how to get your dog to obey your commands -- the first time!

Puppy Classes

Start your puppy off on the right foot -- learn early how to effectively communicate what you want to your puppy, and build your relationship on successes instead of failure and frustration.   This class also offers the added benefit of socializing your young puppy with other puppies in the same age range.  Proper socialization at a young age produces benefits that last a lifetime.

Behavior Modification

Does your dog have a problematic behavior that you'd like to focus on?  Resource guarding?  Doesn't like other dogs?  Chases cars or your cat?  There are ways to get your dog to behave so you and your dog can enjoy doing more things together.

Specialized Instruction

Want to teach your dog to run on a treadmill?  Run with you while you bike the rail trail?  Or even kayak or canoe with you?  I can help you teach your dog to do these things so you can enjoy the great outdoors with your pet!

Private Consultation

If you aren't able to attend the 6-or 8-week structured classes, I can come work with you at your home.  I can give you the basics for better communication and behavior in one three-hour in-home session, or we can schedule multiple private sessions in your home or at Brookpark.