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About MyTraining Methods

If you are here looking for a dog trainer, you have probably already committed to the ownership and well-being of an animal for the remainder of its lifetime -- so training will be an investment and time well spent!  I am confident you will enjoy training with me far more than yelling, chasing, or struggling with leash pulling.    I don't want this to be a chore -- I want you to enjoy training your dog as much as I do.  Let's make it a healthy, educational, entertaining family experience with results you will enjoy seeing - and a dog your family can live with!

In 2016 I received my Dog Training Certification from Animal Behavior College, and have continued my education and recently achieved the title of CPDT-KA, which is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed.  Through the CCPDT, I will continue my education so I can bring the most up-to-date and advanced dog training available to my clients.  I use positive reinforcement and operant conditioning to develop a dog that willingly complies with your requests.  That doesn't mean there are no consequences for negative behaviors - consequences change behavior.  But  the consequences just don't involve striking a dog or yelling, or any physically painful punishment.  I use treats, games, and play to motivate your dog to want to work with you and positive reinforcement for making the right choices.

My main interest is to help resolve difficult issues that can arise with dog ownership so you can have the long-term relationship you want to have with your pet as a happy member of your family.   I am dedicated to continuing my education, and regularly take every opportunity to take advantage of additional learning opportunities, seminars, webinars, workshops, articles, and books.  Just like your dog -- learning never ends!  I hope to help bring the new science of dog training to you and your family.

Whether you are just starting out with a young puppy, or your new rescue is having difficulty adjusting to life by your rules -- these methods work to solve a variety of issues including:  coming when called,  housebreaking techniques, and resource guarding issues.   Give it a try!!

You'll see a change, when you change what you are doing!!