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Southpaw Socials - Winter 2018/19

​​@ Brookpark Pet Supply

I often hear that people want to socialize their dog.  For many dogs, that's not as simple as putting  a bunch of dogs together.  Dogs are at their most receptive  between three and 12 weeks of age, so the earlier you can start to socialize your dog, the better.  After 12 weeks of age, it can start to become very difficult to get a puppy to accept the new and unfamiliar.  

Unfortunately, I realize that in Central PA during the winter months, our puppies lose a lot of opportunities to see or interact with those things, which can result in a very reactive dog come Spring, when everyone goes outside again.  

That is why I decided to offer indoor puppy socials through these winter months for puppies who are under 6-months of age indoors at Brookpark Pet Supply.  If your dog is particularly shy, we can work on their exposure slowly, and behind barriers.  If your dog is extremely outgoing and overzealous - we can work on that as well, through supervised play with other appropriate dogs in his/her age group.

There are also many great ways to socialize your puppy without it ever having to actually interact with another dog.  Good socialization provides a positive experience for all dogs involved.  Here, they will get exposure to a variety of things that will help build positive associations to things in the puppies environment, potentially creating a less reactive dog.  

If you have a new puppy that is under 6-month of age, and you  are interested in joining puppy playgroup, please contact me!