Hi, glad you found me!  And if you're looking -- you're either having issues with your dog, or hopefully ​you're trying to get ahead of some. I have a lot to offer you and your dog, so please look around my website to see what I can help you with!

I have owned and worked with a wide variety of dogs in my lifetime, and I chose this career path so I could help you build better communication with your dog.  You can enjoy having your pets with you, taking them out, and doing things with them, and I'd like to help get you there.

Whether you have a puppy or have rescued an older dog, I can help you teach your dog to be an obedient, well-behaved, welcomed member of your household.  It all starts with your willingness to learn something new.

You'd be surprised -- Old dogs really CAN learn new tricks!

When you're left with a problem, let me make it right!

Why do I need dog training?



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The benefits of obedience training go beyond teaching a dog to sit, stay, and lie down.  It builds and strengthens your bond with your dog, instills your leadership, and teaches your dog to think - creating a less impulsive dog that actually wants to do what you ask.  

Now wouldn't that be nice?